In 2018  my husband and myself made a drastic decision. We sold our apartment in Copenhagen and moved into the Swedish Wilderness together with our two dogs Zarwoe and Láska (meet them on Instagram) . The dream, which has been growing in our minds for the last 10 years, become reality. In this blog we bring the story about our new life, challenges on the way, hopes and aspirations. You are  welcome to join us.

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A cold time

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and has come well into the New Year. Of course we follow the news, so we know that many had been affected by restrictions and probably could not be with all those they wanted. I had actually planned to write a “Merry Christmas” blog, but time passed fast. …

Difference between integration processes in Denmark and Sweden

Orest is writing here and I want to tell about my experience of integration after two years of living in Sweden and compare that experience with the integration process in Denmark during the same period. I hope this is an interesting reading and there are some good “take aways” from my observations, and this is …