About us

It has been discussed and considered for many years. Numerous panic attacks just because of thoughts to sell our apartment in central Copenhagen – we considered it as our economical guarantee for the future. But why to sell it ? – just because one idea to move far away from the city to the unknown wilderness surrounded by mountains, wildlife and uncertain economical future? It is a crazy idea, but we made that choice, and we don’t regret it. 

In Copenhagen Orest had a responsible job within geophysics  in oil industry for 8 years and Lykke, who is a visual artist graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, worked with her art and photography. 

After 8 years  with Maersk Oil and after crisis in oil industry it became more clear that it was the moment to begin thinking seriously about making that choice and move into the wild. And to live in the wild was actually not that unknown for us. Lykke was grown up in countryside with forest in the backyard in the self-supported family. Orest was hiking, using any chance, in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, since he was 15 years old, mostly alone. And being together, we have always spent our vacations hiking in the wilderness for the last 16 years. But still to leave that safeness and comfort of the city and choose life so far away as we did is something different. Including that psychologic fact to share everything with your partner 24/7 – this is an enormous challenge in itself. And that limitless time and stillness you get, where there is nobody to compare yourself with, no Christmas  decorations in the windows or any commercials, reminding you about new needs and trends – it’s that freedom, we appreciate now.